[teknoids] Is anyone Using Gmail for Student Email?

Gary Moore Gary.P.Moore at hofstra.edu
Mon May 12 10:15:59 EDT 2008

Yes, along with the university we use GMail.  its been 2 years now.  Don't really know about the support from Google, probably because its never down. :-)  The support students ask for is how to set it up for outlook and we have instructions on that.
I can say is it has worked a lot better than Novell Netmail, which was the prior email system the students used and I have noticed that students use their Hofstra gmail accounts a lot more than they used the netmail accounts.
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>>> MPerna at tourolaw.edu 5/12/2008 10:06 AM >>>

Does anyone use Gmail’s educational offer for free email and Google apps to students? If so: What type of email system did you run prior? And are you still running it for staff and faculty? How long have you had Gmail incorporated into your Email production environment? Do you find support helpful? How was the migration to Gmail? What has been the student’s reaction to Gmail?  If anyone has any horror stories or fantastic experiences that would be great to hear about as well. Thank you in advance for all your answers and help,  Matthew PernaNetwork AdministratorTouro Law Center225 East View DriveCentral Islip NY  11722 Email: Mperna at tourolaw.edu Phone: 631-761-7072Cell:     631-708-6418 Support: IT at tourolaw.edu Phone: 631-761-7070  

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