[teknoids] Online Student Evaluations

Sandra Lamar slamar at nesl.edu
Thu May 8 17:04:22 EDT 2008

I know people have asked about online student evaluations in the past.  I
would be interested in updated information, and hearing about your
experiences in doing so.  If you use online evaluations,

1.  what percentage of students have participated?

2.  do you offer any sort of carrot or stick to the students, like
incentives to induce participation, or withholding grades until the evals
are completed?

3.  who at your school handles the process?  IT, Administration, or
student organizations?

4.  do you use student evaluations as part of the retention and tenure

5.  if your school has considered going to online evaluations and rejected
doing so, or tried the online version and given it up, we would be
interested in your reasoning.

Thanks.  I would be happy to compile the results for the list.

Sandy Lamar
Computer Services Reference Librarian
New England School of Law
154 Stuart St.
Boston, MA 02116
slamar at nesl.edu

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