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Chris Bombardo bombardo_ca at law.mercer.edu
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Mercer Law School has a laptop program going on 4 years now and it has worked very well.  Each incoming 1L receives a laptop, they have no choice.  If they complete their law school education at Mercer the student keeps the laptop.  If the leave prior to graduation they have the option to purchase the remaining lease on the laptop or return it.  We have negotiate with Dell to get the terms and payment plans the school requires to run the program.

In addition to receiving the laptop the student have a full complete care coverage for three years.  If anything happens (outside a few exceptions) the laptop is repaired or replaced by Dell.  We handle all communication with Dell for our students.  The Dell techs do the repair work at the Law School within 1 business day.  Our IT takes care of all software problems, often saving the student's data and re-imaging the laptop.  While we work on the laptop the student receive a loaner identical to their laptop.  If possible we place their hard drive in the loaner laptop or move the data they need.  In other words our students are never without a laptop and almost always have their data.

We still do get a couple of Macs and other laptops, which we still support.  However, the vast majority of students us the laptop they receive from the Law School.  Even those who bring other laptops use the Law School laptop, because of software provide and support given.

If you have more questions or want more details feel free to contact me.

Chris A. Bombardo
Mercer Law School
Bombardo_ca at law.mercer.edu

Hi All,
We're considering raising our tuition and I had the big idea of our school purchasing laptops and issuing them to our students. There are a ton of good reasons to do this from a support standpoint (standardization, control, and price point).

Does anyone else out there bundle a laptop into their tuition? And if you do, could you share your experiences?




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