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On 2/24/08, John P. Joergensen <jjoerg at camden.rutgers.edu> wrote:
> Fist off, Elmer rocks for swish-e'ing the federal cases.
>  I have been working on these myself, but I started with parsing the
>  metadata.  So far, I have just done the F2d, but I am impressed.  There
>  was a bit of hacking to do with some non-conforming documents, but in
>  the end, out of ~468,791 documents (again, just F2d), there was only a
>  1% error rate with lifting out parties, docket, date, citation, and an
>  attempt at the 1st paragraph of text.  I haven't checked too closely
>  yet, but I suspect that most of those failures were table cases.  I'll
>  post a link later this week with something useable.
>  In any case, my real purpose in posting is that I think this new
>  resource should be fully developed, and I think the people who attend
>  CALI are the ones to do it best.
>  How about a Session at CALI where we can all share what we have been
>  able to do individually, what we can do to coordinate and standardize
>  our efforts, and generally make the federal reporter a truly reliable
>  and competitive resource?
>  Elmer, anyone else interested?
>  John
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