[teknoids] Elmer's cases

John P. Joergensen jjoerg at camden.rutgers.edu
Sun Feb 24 20:01:40 EST 2008

Fist off, Elmer rocks for swish-e'ing the federal cases.

I have been working on these myself, but I started with parsing the 
metadata.  So far, I have just done the F2d, but I am impressed.  There 
was a bit of hacking to do with some non-conforming documents, but in 
the end, out of ~468,791 documents (again, just F2d), there was only a 
1% error rate with lifting out parties, docket, date, citation, and an 
attempt at the 1st paragraph of text.  I haven't checked too closely 
yet, but I suspect that most of those failures were table cases.  I'll 
post a link later this week with something useable.

In any case, my real purpose in posting is that I think this new 
resource should be fully developed, and I think the people who attend 
CALI are the ones to do it best.

How about a Session at CALI where we can all share what we have been 
able to do individually, what we can do to coordinate and standardize 
our efforts, and generally make the federal reporter a truly reliable 
and competitive resource?

Elmer, anyone else interested?

John P. Joergensen
Librarian II
Rutgers University School of Law - Camden
jjoerg at camden.rutgers.edu

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