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Jane Chang jchang at law.usc.edu
Thu Feb 21 11:35:18 EST 2008

I'll be serving as Site Captain for the WA Bar Exam next week.  I've
been providing SofTest support (Examinator before that) for nearly 11
years and have been providing support at Bar Exams for 8 years (Site
Captain for the past 4-5 years).  

It is as Jeffrey stated in his e-mail.  I don't recall the name of the
company ExamSoft is working with, but the local techs will have been
trained on SofTest and there's even a test that they need to take to
verify that they're familiar with the software.  However, it's one thing
to get familiar with how the software operates and a completely
different thing to be able to troubleshoot it.

To be honest, I'm preparing myself for the worst.  There simply is *no*
substitute for prior experience providing SofTest support at a law
school and the head knowledge that comes with it.  I'm anticipating that
there will be quite a learning curve for these techs and they're going
to have to learn very quickly.  

The confidence (or lack thereof) of a Site Engineer to troubleshoot any
given problem will directly affect the state of mind of an applicant.
Without prior experience, I'm not sure how confident these local techs
can be.

I'm also anticipating that I'll be doing a lot more running around that
first day.

ExamSoft can provide as much troubleshooting information and tips as
possible.  But, the practical application is completely different from
head knowledge.

Perhaps I'm being too pessimistic.  But, hey, maybe I'll be pleasantly
surprised next week!

ExamSoft can count on me to give an evaluation of how things went.



Jane Chang
Assistant Director
Student Computing Services
USC Law School
jchang at law.usc.edu


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I was wondering if anyone else knew that Examsoft will not be using law
school IT as the site engineers for the Bar Examinations anymore.

With the growing need for Site Engineers throughout the country, which
could easily exceed 120 by July 2008, we concluded that it would be best
to retain the services of a temp agency that specializes in technology
job placements.  This will not only help us keep bar examiner costs down
(we are under tremendous pressure to keep costs down) but it ensures a
steady supply of qualified computer experts who have been trained on
issues that could arise on exam day.  Each site will nevertheless have
one Site Captain who is an experienced ExamSoft software user at their
academic institution.  The site captain, I have been told, will still
come from law school IT.

I know many of our students felt comfortable seeing a familiar face to
help them out before this difficult exam.

I have to admit lately it was nice to work the Bar exam, since the
problems were not there anymore, and it was fairly easy to support.  I
understand their decision to cut costs, as any business has to do this
from time to time.

Does anyone wonder whether a temp agency can support Examsoft as well as
law school IT technicians that support it year after year at their
respective schools?

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