[teknoids] Is anyone issuing laptops?

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Not anymore.  When I first started at UDC they were in the last year of
doing that.  It was a nightmare.  When it breaks or doesn't work right
you are to blame because you made them buy that machine.  Your better
off setting standards and being prepared to work on any machine.  Your
also better off accepting Macs.  Even if you know nothing about them,
they will be less of a problem for you in the long run, because the Mac
users will band together to figure out any problems they have.


Just my 2 cents.

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Hi All,


We're considering raising our tuition and I had the big idea of our
school purchasing laptops and issuing them to our students. There are a
ton of good reasons to do this from a support standpoint
(standardization, control, and price point). 


Does anyone else out there bundle a laptop into their tuition? And if
you do, could you share your experiences?








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