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This will probably show my ignorance with Intellectual Property issues,
but I never claimed to be an attorney...I just am surrounded by them J

How does this type of repository work in relation to the copyright that
a publishing journal may hold?

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I'd like to elaborate further on our faculty scholarship repository.  
Duke Law has maintained its own faculty scholarship repository  hosted
on a local server using EPrints software since December 2005.  A joint
project of the law library and the law school information technology
departments, the faculty scholarship repository aims to include
comprehensive holdings of the final versions of all works by current
Duke faculty members, and to extend coverage retrospectively to cover
works by everyone who has taught at Duke.  At present, the repository
holds over 1400 papers and is searchable on the Duke Law web site, as
well as through Google and other general web search engines.  Because
the repository complies with the standards and protocols of the Open
Access Initiative, its holdings are also searchable through OAIster and
other harvesters of open access repositories, as well as through Google
and other search engines.


Before ePrints and DSpace, we partnered with Tom Bruce and LII on the
LEDA project, which was an ambitious OAI compliant system that also
converted documents to PDF.




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