[teknoids] Fixing the MBR

Kenneth Hirsh ken at law.duke.edu
Sun Feb 10 22:38:21 EST 2008

If you've got access to any Windows XP CD, boot to the recovery console, then run fixmbr and fixboot.

>>> On 2/10/2008 at 10:24 PM, in message <47AFC008.7040400 at fairhousing.com>, Tracey McCartney <tracey at fairhousing.com> wrote:
Hi, all -

We have a small home computer emergency.  My partner was playing around 
with Ubuntu, using a CD-ROM in her Sony Vaio to make a bootable flash 
drive for her new EEE (http://eeepc.asus.com/global/).  For some strange 
reason, the Ubuntu install disk installed GRUB on her Vaio, and now she 
can't get into Windows XP unless that flash drive with Ubuntu is plugged 
in, and she has to select it from the GRUB boot menu.

I know we need to fix the master boot record.  Everything I've read says 
we're supposed to do it from Recovery Console on the XP install disks, 
but she didn't get any of those with her Vaio.  She has a partition on 
her hard drive that she used to make 2 "recovery" disks, but neither of 
them give the option to fix the master boot record.  Anything she does 
with those Vaio disks will restore her system to the factory install, 
which she does NOT want.

Will any XP install disks do?  Do any of you know of a third-party util 
that will fix the MBR?  We kind of need to fix this tonight, if at all 



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