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1.	We currently do not have any faculty or staff using Mac's, but
we have in the past.  Our experience was that these people knew much
more about them than we (the computer techie's) did.
2.	We saw a huge jump in the number of students who brought Mac's
this year.  UofR has a laptop requirement; three years ago, (with
Panther), we started allowing students to bring Macs.  The first year,
about 12 brought them.  The second year, 17.  Last year, 42!  The
students are somewhat satisfied with their support.  We tell them from
the first mailing about our program that we have limited Mac support (I
have one; I am learning it, and loving it).  Most students are pretty
saavy; some thought the Mac commercials were cool and here they are.  In
fact, I have such a Mac in my office as I type, who's owner doesn't
remember the admin password, and her account is a standard account so I
can't load any software on it.  Sigh.
3.	We didn't until three years ago.  Our students join our domain;
until OSX, Macs and Active directories did not play nice with each other
... they'd both take their balls and bats and go home.  Although they
still don't agree on the color uniform to wear, they at least will play
on the same field.




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Please let me know what your support policy for faculty Macs is.  Here
are some specific questions:


1.       Do you provide support to faculty members using Macs?  If yes,
is it equivalent to the support you provide for Windows, or are there

2.       Are you and the users satisfied with the Mac support situation?
Do Macs take more time than Windows to support?

3.       Are there schools that do not support Macs at all?


Thanks very much!


Ronald Proschan
Information Technology
UC Hastings College of the Law

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