[teknoids] database proxy server

Christopher Noe noe at olemiss.edu
Thu Feb 7 14:13:15 EST 2008


We use ezproxy.  It runs on our web server, with a separate
IP address.
Hardware:  P4 2.8 GHz; 2 GB RAM; U160 SCSI RAID5 drive
OS:  Windows 2000 Advanced Server
Authentication:  We use a flat text file.  I'd use AD
authentication if all of our students and faculty were
required to have domain network accounts, but that is not
the case.  We (law library) have all of our machines and
users set up as members of our domain, but the law school
doesn't have a network domain at all. (!)
Reliability:  We've never had any problems with ezproxy -
you install it, set it to run as a service, and it just
works.  It is used by many libraries, so it is almost always
possible to get help with the configuration settings for any
'problem' databases.

Christopher Noe
Assistant Director / Head of Public Services
Law Library, University of Mississippi
noe at olemiss dot edu
phone 662-915-6850  fax 662-915-7731

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