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Ranard, Deb dranard at law.capital.edu
Thu Feb 7 09:00:22 EST 2008


1.     Do you provide support to faculty members using Macs?  If yes, is
it equivalent to the support you provide for Windows, or are there

No.  We have no faculty with school purchased desktop or laptop
Macs...yet.  We do have a faculty member with a Mac at home.  He
continues to ask questions...to which we keep saying, "Don't know, our
budget does not allow us to purchase all operating systems
available...so we test, maintain and support based on Windows 2000 and
above (soon to be just XP and above)."

2.     Are you and the users satisfied with the Mac support situation?
Do Macs take more time than Windows to support?

I'm torn.  I hate just saying flat out, No...but I don't have enough
staff or budget to purchase every OS available and test and write
instructions for every way possible to get to our services.   I would
hate to say Yes and then offer lousy support for everyone.  

As for the students, for the moment we have a very "collaborative" group
of Mac users who share info with each other.  They seem okay with the
situation, but I don't think this is a permanent solution.  It wasn't
that long ago, four years maybe, that we had two Mac users in the
building.  This year the entering class brought 15 Macs with them.

3.     Are there schools that do not support Macs at all?

We do not support Macs.  We tell the students that we test all
applications we support via Windows 2000 and up.  If they can translate
the instructions we provide into Mac instructions...great, but they are
on their own.


Deb Ranard

Director, Law IT

Capital University Law School

(614) 236-6586



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