[teknoids] Proxy Server for Library Data Base Subscriptions

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EzProxy - It has been the best on the market, but it was recently sold to OCLC.  Hopefully, they will keep the support at the same incredibly high level that Chris has maintained.  (They really should make him head of their support division).
I am using an antique web server (8 years old??) with Windows XP on it.  I did not need Apache or Windows Server for EzProxy, so why deal with the security issues?
I am using a series of flat text files for authentication.  We only mount databases that are not campus wide and this was an expedient method.  The Academic Affairs Libraries on main campus also use EzProxy, but they are set up to authenticate using the campus-wide username and password system.  The problem for me is that it is not sufficiently specific for me to use exclusively.  I could link to the database that my flat files come from, but it hardly seems worth the work involved.


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i am trying to find out what other school are using for Proxy Servers for library subscription data bases. 
example: size of box and software used like Easy Proxy, etc.
what type of authentication?
thanks Noids.

Jim Epting
Director, Computer Services
USC - School of Law

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