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April Barton barton at law.villanova.edu
Wed Feb 6 12:57:53 EST 2008

Villanova's answers inline below.  We provide technical support to students with MacBooks.  We also allow them to take their exams on their MacBooks.  I polled our 1st year class during orientation and discovered that 35% of our incoming class were using Macs.  

>>> "Proschan, Ronald" <proschan at uchastings.edu> 02/06/08 12:30 PM >>>
Please let me know what your support policy for faculty Macs is.  Here
are some specific questions:


1.     Do you provide support to faculty members using Macs?  If yes, is
it equivalent to the support you provide for Windows, or are there

While we support students who have macbooks, we do not give out any Mac hardware to our faculty.  However, if a faculty member has a Macbook and brings it in with a question about it, we are happy to help out.  

2.     Are you and the users satisfied with the Mac support situation?
Do Macs take more time than Windows to support?

Our tech staff had a slight learning curve involved while getting up to speed on the Mac OS, but once we did, we didn't see a significant difference.  I believe our students are delighted that we support Macs and are satisfied with the support.  

3.     Are there schools that do not support Macs at all?


Thanks very much!


Ronald Proschan
Information Technology
UC Hastings College of the Law

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