[teknoids] Is there a wiki that is not icki?

Ginsberg, Deborah dginsberg at kentlaw.edu
Mon Oct 15 14:06:07 EDT 2007

Wikimatrix is a great application for comparing wikis
(http://www.wikimatrix.org/).  It even includes a Choice Wizard.

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Hello - we are looking or a wiki at our campus/law school.

We have these loose requirements:
<li>Easy editing - we don't want to have students learn wiki syntax</li>
<li>Easy file attachments - an easy way to attach files</li> <li>A way
to organize content</li> <li>LDAP Integration if possible</li> <li>An
straightforward way to have separate wikis per class </li>
<li>Reasonable costs</li> <li>or if Open Source reasonably easy to
support, train and maintain </li> </ul>

We looked at MediaWiki and I think its out. 

SocialText looks great but we can't persist data per semesterand it is
cost prohibitive

Now that I think of it I think Drupal with Organic Groups (1 group per
class could work well). Thoughts?

On an unrelated note, any Mac users notice you can use emacs shortcuts
in Firefox and Safari html form text boxes. Works in Apple mail too?

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