[teknoids] re: Is there a wiki that is not icki?

elmer elmer at teknoids.net
Fri Oct 12 17:41:31 EDT 2007

In the realm of wikis I like PMwiki, http://www.pmwiki.org, for reasons listed here: http://www.teknoids.net/node/8089#comment-15820.
OTOH, Drupal would probably be a better fit.  Using organic groups and a good taxonomy structure would provide you with a a lot more power and flexibility than a wiki. Wiring Drupal into an LDAP infrastructure is well documented. As a bonus I'm developing a number of Drupal modules to do some interesting things like create syllabi and run CALI Lessons that will be available to the community.  You could take a look at spaces.cali.org for a site that is wired to an external auth system (CALI's MySQL) and makes use of organic groups in interesting ways, including letting folks create their own.

I'm available for Drupal consulting too.
Elmer Masters
Web Guy, teknoids.net

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