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Evans,Ann M amevans at uakron.edu
Wed Mar 21 13:53:28 EST 2007

Hi Everyone:


We are currently using Outlook to do the Reference Desk schedule at our
library. Each librarian marks their appointments, preferences etc on
their personal calendar ... by Tuesday at 5:00 p.m. Then Wednesday
morning we look at their personal calendars and plug them into time
slots at the front desk. I then post a schedule to our public calendar
late Wednesday or early Thursday for the following week. You must click
on the time slot with your name on it and "drop" it down into your
personal calendar so that your "Front Desk" duties show on your
calendar. Most people are O.K. with this but we keep getting requests
for me to post the public calendar and then "drop" their assignments
into their personal calendar. We have been over this with out IT people
and I would have to schedule each shift as an appointment which
generates a lot of e-mail etc.. Then. Of course, once the schedule comes
out everyone trades shifts etc...  I am scheduling 22 people and every
Wednesday we dread entering this monster !!!!!! Any suggestions out
there ??


Thanks for your consideration !


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