[teknoids] Can Word 2007 look/feel/touch like 2003 (or earlier versions?)

James P. Callison callison at hamilton.law.ou.edu
Fri Aug 31 12:35:27 EDT 2007

Tracey McCartney wrote:
> I had to uninstall Office 2007 because the 2007 version of Access kept 
> hanging on a MSSQL database we'd always managed with Access.  I tried 
> just installing Access 2003 and leaving Office 2007 intact, but Office 
> 2007 does NOT like it when you run it alongside a 2003 version of an 
> Office app.  Even Outlook 2007 got all buggy.

Office 2003 and Office 2007 can peacefully coexist, but only if 2003 is 
installed first. They do on my computer, but maybe it's because I 
threaten them with firearms on a regular basis. ;-)

If you do O2K7 over O2K3, make sure you do not uninstall O2K3; unless 
Microsoft has produced a fix, uninstalling O2K3 after installing O2K7 
will cause O2K7 to become unstable.


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