[UNCLASSIFIED] RE: [teknoids] AD/Exchange server question

Sparks, Michael Michael.Sparks at law.lsu.edu
Tue Aug 28 14:50:28 EDT 2007

Any Experts Exchange users here? Ever try to go to
http://www.expertsexchange.com ? Looks like its held by a domain parker now,
but a while back it was a site for a surgeon... I've forgotten the "-" in
http://www.experts-exchange.com several times and it used to be a pretty
amusing mistake.


On 8/28/07 1:42 PM, "Tracey McCartney" <tracey at fairhousing.com> wrote:

> David W. Williams wrote:
>> I think that the site http://www.morsex.com has problems getting blocked
>> by filters.  (It stands for Morse Express. The owner deals in telegraph
>> keys and radio/electronics kits, etc.)  (He has a great selection and he
>> ships really quickly, by the way.)
> Sort of reminds me of a piece I saw a long time ago on unintentionally
> bad domain names.  One of them (which might be apocryphal, given that
> the URL now goes to one of those fake ad portal sites) was for Mole
> Station Nursery.  I think you can guess what the domain name was and why
> it was bad.
> Tracey
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