[teknoids] Wimba Live Classroom or Roundbox Global???

Lisa Smith-Butler Smith-ButlerL at nsu.law.nova.edu
Tue Aug 7 14:05:58 EDT 2007

I use Horizon Wimba in a distance ed class that I teach.  The version I
use does audio and power point but I understand video is now or about to
be available with the product.  There is also a chat text box, a
whiteboard that will display power points, and a polling/multiple choice
question feature. URLs can also be shared.   Professors can write, draw,
and highlight on the whiteboard.  It also has an application sharing

It doesn't work well at all with wireless in remote locations.  I
recently tried teaching from the mountains and had difficulty but it
works fine with a wired connection.  


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 	Has anyone used, or looked at, Wimba's Live Classroom? I've
heard of it, and the only mention in the archives is to Wimba's Voice 
Tools, which is a product that may now be part of this "Live Classroom" 
 	Two professors are eager to be able to teach live/synchronous 
distance ed classes. One of them said, in regard to another product I 
hadn't heard of, something from Roundbox Global, that "the holy grail is

to be able to have one window w/ me lecturing, one w/ my powerpoint 
slides, and a 3rd w/ a chat window" and that the Roundbox person showed 
their product that did what he wanted.
 	I've got product folders and stuff from the last few CALI 
Conferences to go through, but neither of these companies ring a bell,
the professor's "Holy Grail" is something that most synchronous DE 
products can do, right?
 	I'm going to go poke around the CALI Codec stuff now, but if 
anyone has any input on either of these two companies, I'd appreciate
And for any competing vendors on this list, some of who I know I've
to, feel free to get in touch.

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