[teknoids] Electronic Discovery courses at other law schools?

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I teach a course titled "Technology and the Law."  The course includes
discussions of ESI and similar issues although the course as  a whole is


Sydney Beckman

Assistant Professor of Law

Charleston School of Law


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Hi, Teknoids.  I'm wondering what schools teach a course in Electronic
Discovery and/or Data Seizure or anything similar.  

Here at William & Mary, we have a tenured faculty member who teaches
this course once a year, and we are wondering what other schools are
doing now that the FRCP have been amended to provide for ESI.  


I searched around the Teknoids site trying to see if anyone else had
recently asked about this, but I didn't find anything.


I'm asking here in hopes of avoiding the task of reading all of the
various course catalogs.  We are generally wondering how much
availability (not to mention interest) there is out there for this kind
of course.





Heidi D. Simon, JD

Strand Post-Graduate Fellow in Legal Technology

Center for Legal and Court Technology & the Courtroom 21 Project

William & Mary School of Law

Williamsburg, VA


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