[teknoids] hosting and domain name

Scott Matheson scott.matheson at gmail.com
Thu Apr 26 17:06:42 EDT 2007

If you have a webhost (or not) that you like, but they don't do email,
you could use Google Apps for Your Domain and give your members
gmail-like accounts. I have mine set up at mail.mydomain.info for
example, and the addresses are bob at mydomain.info or
steve at mydomain.info. The interface is gmail or POP, but with my logo.

mydomain.info and www.mydomain.info are pointed to the "regular" web
host. (FWIW, the same works for google calendar, at cal.mydomain.info
and google custom home page at start.mydomain.info, docs at
docs.mydomain.info, etc.) If your needs are simple, you could even use
G page creator to build the site and G will host it for you - no ads
as far as I can tell.

The google apps are free at the standard level. The steps to set up
scary DNS things like C Records and MX records are well documented by
the G people to make it just work. (In fact you can register your
domain through Google - which is reselling GoDaddy and the settings
are done for you.)

See www.google.com/a


On 4/26/07, Kat Walsh <kat at wikimedia.org> wrote:
> On 4/26/07, Meg Kribble <kribblem at nsu.law.nova.edu> wrote:
> > For hosting, I've been very pleased with NearlyFreeSpeech.net and their
> > pay-as-you-go pricing--$1/GB on data transfers and a penny per MB per
> > month of disk storage.  I'm using it for a small wedding info website
> > for my sister, and after two months, I've incurred less than fifty cents
> > in charges.
> >
> > It looks like they support most of the scripts you mention, and do
> > registration as well.
> I'm also a big fan of nearlyfreespeech.net, but they don't do email,
> alas. (They're very cheap for the level of service and flexibility you
> get, provided you don't mind getting your hands dirty setting things
> up yourself every once in a while.)
> -Kat
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