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Meg Kribble kribblem at nsu.law.nova.edu
Thu Apr 26 09:36:39 EDT 2007

I've used the already mentioned GoDaddy for registration.

For hosting, I've been very pleased with NearlyFreeSpeech.net and their
pay-as-you-go pricing--$1/GB on data transfers and a penny per MB per
month of disk storage.  I'm using it for a small wedding info website
for my sister, and after two months, I've incurred less than fifty cents
in charges.

It looks like they support most of the scripts you mention, and do
registration as well.

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Hey Folks,

Got some quick non-official-business questions for you all:  My wife's
club wants a nifty spifty website with all kinds of bells and whistles,
and I 
have been dragooned ^h^h^h^h^h^h^h^h^h drafted into making it so.  Not
ventured forth into the whole webhosting and domain name registering biz
quite a while, I was wondering if any of you had recommendations for:

1) low-cost, competent domain name registration

2) similarly low-cost, competent web hosting with php, perl, mysql,
etc., and email.

Many thanks, as always.
John Quentin Heywood
heywood at american.edu

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