[teknoids] USB and Ghost

Jon Larson jtlarson at u.washington.edu
Wed Mar 15 16:12:40 EST 2006

Booting from USB does not work on a GX400, IME. I've tried all BIOS updates,
etc., with USB flash drives that boot ghost on other machines and it's never

To run Ghost on C-series latitudes and older Optiplex (GX400 and older)
desktops; I created a boot CD that boots a modified version of the
"Universal TCP/IP Boot Disk" (http://www.netbootdisk.com/) and supports
every Dell NIC I've found, as well as many others. I just modified the
script on the bootdisk to start up Ghost automatically once the network is
initialized, and burned the modified floppy image to CD along with the Ghost

Jon Larson
Computer Support Analyst II
University of Washington School of Law

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Has anyone ever used a USB external drive with Norton Ghost?  We have dell
GX 400's and the USB doesn't seem to recgonize any of the USB drive sleds
that we own.

Any help would be appreciated.


Timothy DiVito
Unit Computing Specialist
Rutgers School of Law - Camden

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