[teknoids] More on centralization

mark.folmsbee at washburn.edu mark.folmsbee at washburn.edu
Fri Mar 10 13:35:59 EST 2006

Sorry folks--one minor follow up regarding the centralization issue. 
Can you tell we have been wrestling with the balance? -smile now;

1) We plan to continue (retain control of) print servers as well--and I 
would hang onto all client side hardware and software 

But if we could end up with a strategy that would permit law students 
to print to a nearby printer (say within some coffee shop at a 
central campus student union?) --essentially anywhere on campus-- at 
any time of day--I sure would prefer that over our limited "law school 

On-site support of local printers (by us) would be required regardless-
for anyhing in a law complex. And WestLaw and Lexis printing is another 
matter all together-

2) Choice of software? If you can handle running off a university 
contract/license, I think it is a serious financial boost to do so.  We 
saved a bundle the last few years by "throwing in" with main campus 
for OS--wordprocessing--and virus software purchases.

3) Culture?  If you hit law students early on (each year with entering 
class), I think you can impact the culture some.  Though I agree --
there are limits.  And it means you have to keep hammering the group 
email, signs, and video.  Actually, since we have pretty sophisticated 
video production capability (with monitors throughout), we poke 'em 
everywhere mercilessly with video information.  You go 
Glen "Fordcopola" McBeth! 

And you would need at least 60 minutes for some sort of 
technology "orientation" during any new student orientation to lay it 
all out (to have any HOPE of impacting the "culture"). Of course 
transfers can have a kind of techno shock when they land-----

Mark Folmsbee
Associate Dean, Computer Services, School of Law

Mark Folmsbee
Associate Dean, Computer Services, School of Law

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