[teknoids] network documentation template

Dean, Cyndi DEAN at law.unm.edu
Fri Feb 17 17:14:40 EST 2006

Hi all and happy Friday,
I am looking for a template that I can use to better document our
network environment. We use Altiris for our PCs (hardware/software
configuration) but our servers are woefully inadequately documented (as
I found out when the network administrator had the heart attack). It's
time to professionalize our shop but I'm not above not reinventing the
If anyone has a template they'd care to share, I'd sure appreciate it.
Also, any "best practices" documents you've created would also be
useful. (And I can already hear Elmer say, "teknoids.net has just the
perfect place to deposit those documents"...)

Cyndi Dean
Assistant Dean for Information Technology
UNM School of Law
(505) 277-0695

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