[teknoids] Calling all Oracle DBAs

Thomas R. Bruce trb2 at cornell.edu
Thu Feb 2 13:28:48 EST 2006


I have a dataset coming to me as an Oracle dump.  We have no (zip, zero) 
Oracle capability here at the LII, and because the data is coming to us 
as a favor from a Federal agency we aren't in a position to insist on 
another format (which would require that they devote resources and time 
to the project).  Is there, by chance, anyone out there who could 
massage it into a flat SQL dump in return for, say, beer?


Thomas R. Bruce (trb2 at cornell.edu)
Director, Legal Information Institute
Cornell Law School

"They keep talking about doing this because it is 
 going to be good for the world. That has never 
 been a principle in law."
     -- Patricia Schroeder President
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