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Rick Bonnett RBONNETT at vermontlaw.edu
Thu Feb 2 10:11:49 EST 2006

I was curious, what software do you use to grab the snippets from DVDs?  I have been looking for something like that for our campus.

>>> DEAN at law.unm.edu 1/31/2006 11:46 AM >>>

A faculty member asked if we could copy a snippet of a movie on DVD for him. He wants to use it for mediation training. He plans to buy the DVD, if that helps.
My gut said no, it's copyrighted material, but he said that because the educational fair use guidelines, he thinks it's OK. I'm not an attorney - he is - but he really wasn't sure whether it was OK or not. I told him I'd run it by this list and see how you would handle this if it was your shop. I read the guidelines just now but again, it seemed like a good thing to get some input on.
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