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Dave Bachechi dbachechi at phoenixlaw.org
Wed Feb 1 16:31:12 EST 2006

Hello all,


We are having a weird printer problem.  


Our students who use their personal/work laptops at school login to our
wireless network to gain access to network resources (home directories,
printers, etc...) using an HP 760wl Wireless Access Controller (very
similar to a Bluesocket device, except can handle more users, and is
maybe a little less user friendly to administer).  What is happening is
that the students will login to the 760 using their Active Directory
username and password (the 760 is configured to talk to AD).  They can
then access the web and network resources, however when they go to
access network resources (i.e. a printer by typing the following Run
command:  \\servername\printersharename
<file:///\\servername\printersharename> ) they then have to authenticate
with Active Directory once again, via a Windows username and password
box (similar to OWA if you have seen that).  This can cause problems
because of time out issues (the student sits idle too long and has to
re-authenticate to AD, which doesn't always work), and becomes a support
headache for us.  


I am wondering if anyone out there is running a similar Access
Controller (HP or otherwise) and has run into the same sort of problem
and if you have been able to circumvent/rectify it.


Thanks Everyone!


David Bachechi 

Assistant Director for IT


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