[teknoids] Cool Tool Monday

Thomas R. Bruce trb2 at cornell.edu
Wed Dec 13 10:57:06 EST 2006

steven perkins wrote:

>   There has been research done in Australia and New
> Zealand which would be more applicable to USA legal thought.  The
> whole area of legal informatics is a wasteland as far as the US is
> concerned.

Yeah, we're doing what we can.  But the reasons *why* it's a wasteland 
are quite complicated.  Up until large corpora became available via the 
Web there wasn't a lot for researchers to work with, for one thing.  IS 
people tend to be much more interested in medical data, for another -- 
they see legal information research as lawyer subsidy.  The US is 
jurisdictionally complex.  Civil-law jurisdictions find ontology 
intellectually intuitive and practically accessible, since so much is 
organized in terms of the code anyway.  And so on and so on.  But things 
are changing, slowly -- much more interest now from PhD students in 
legal applications, particularly from the small-world-network-theory crew.


Thomas R. Bruce (trb2 at cornell.edu)
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