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I was working on an legal ontology a few years ago.  The West
breakdown was one part of it.  There are a number of European groups
who have been working on the problem for a decade or so.  The recent
book, Law and the Semantic Web, has an article on a system using a
legal ontology.  There has been research done in Australia and New
Zealand which would be more applicable to USA legal thought.  The
whole area of legal informatics is a wasteland as far as the US is

Steven C. Perkins

On 12/12/06, Thomas R. Bruce <trb2 at cornell.edu> wrote:
> Jonathan Franklin wrote:
> > Perhaps soon case research will be done this way - see www.precydent.com
> >
> This is interesting, and looks promising but not all the way there yet.
> I tried playing around with "fair use" as a search.  After about 5
> seconds of intensive study, I *think* it does what I might have
> predicted, which is unduly favor cases in the "obligatory cite" category
> -- that is those not of much relevance to the matter at hand, but which
> everyone writing on the topic feels obligated to nod to.  I'd like to
> see a few others try similar stuff, just to see if you have the same
> impression.  There's been some interesting work on citation networks in
> scientific literature that somehow teases out obligatory cites and
> weights them differently.
> The really interesting question is whether co-citation clusters revealed
> by this kind of approach actually map to cases that are conceptually
> (not factually) related.  An interesting question, eg., would be whether
> the array of clusters at some level of resolution maps to (eg.) a set of
> West key numbers.  In a rough way.
> They sure do need a new UI designer, though.  And I want to know what
> "Web 3.0" technology is.  I'm still stuck around 1.74 somewhere.
> Best,
> Tb.
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