[teknoids] Cool Tool Monday

Thomas R. Bruce trb2 at cornell.edu
Tue Dec 12 04:05:16 EST 2006

Jonathan Franklin wrote:
> Perhaps soon case research will be done this way - see www.precydent.com
This is interesting, and looks promising but not all the way there yet.  
I tried playing around with "fair use" as a search.  After about 5 
seconds of intensive study, I *think* it does what I might have 
predicted, which is unduly favor cases in the "obligatory cite" category 
-- that is those not of much relevance to the matter at hand, but which 
everyone writing on the topic feels obligated to nod to.  I'd like to 
see a few others try similar stuff, just to see if you have the same 
impression.  There's been some interesting work on citation networks in 
scientific literature that somehow teases out obligatory cites and 
weights them differently.

The really interesting question is whether co-citation clusters revealed 
by this kind of approach actually map to cases that are conceptually 
(not factually) related.  An interesting question, eg., would be whether 
the array of clusters at some level of resolution maps to (eg.) a set of 
West key numbers.  In a rough way.

They sure do need a new UI designer, though.  And I want to know what 
"Web 3.0" technology is.  I'm still stuck around 1.74 somewhere.


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