[teknoids] RE: Anybody for a CALI session on publishing journalsonline?

Gary Moore Gary.P.Moore at hofstra.edu
Thu Apr 13 10:39:31 EDT 2006

Wayne, thanks for getting back to me as far as Eprint.  
We do similar to what Mark at Washburn does now with our journals as
far as offering our Hofstra Law Review and Hofstra Labor and Employment
Law Journal issues as PDF files.   Actually we have been doing this for
a very long time with our law review dating back to Volume 25 number 3
of the journal (see
We first did them as HTML files, based on a Word macro program written
by someone at another law school (whose name I can not remember) for
Volumes 25 number 3 to Volume 28 number 1, then switched to PDF.   
I don't know how much I can contribute on it since I am now looking for
new alternatives, but if you think I might be of some help, I would
gladly participate.
Gary Moore
Assistant Dean for Information Systems
Hofstra University School of Law
Gary.P.Moore at hofstra.edu
(516) 463-6067

>>> "Wayne Miller" <wmiller at law.duke.edu> 4/13/2006 10:00:12 AM >>>

Dick Danner and I hope to speak about journal publishing online at the
CALI conference.
We don't use EPrints for two main reasons: it does not replicate the
journal issue model very well, and it is primarily a document delivery
mechanism. We've committed ourselves to an online journal experience
that is Web-integrated (html now, and xhtml when we redesign).
Our work to date has been primarily regarding the archival format (XML
vs. PDF, which XML schema, etc.) and how to get there. Generating good
xhtml is the next step. How to organize and present the Web pages is the
final step, but seems less problematic to us.
Are you saying you'd like to participate on a panel? :-)
Wayne Miller
Director, Educational Technologies
Duke University School of Law
(919) 613-7243
Fax: (919) 613-7237
wmiller at law.duke.edu

>>> "Gary Moore" <Gary.P.Moore at hofstra.edu> 4/13/2006 9:09:59 AM >>>

I would be VERY interested in a session on this.  We are looking at
this ourselves.  Also, I noticed like our university, that you guys are
running EPrints for your law faculty scholarship repository.  I know
that there are some journals that are using EPrints.  I was wondering
why you decided not to use that for your online journals.
Gary Moore
Assistant Dean for Information Systems
Hofstra University School of Law
Gary.P.Moore at hofstra.edu
(516) 463-6067
>>> wmiller at law.duke.edu 4/13/2006 8:54:13 AM >>>

Hi Elmer,
We looked at a number of end solutions and processes. WordPerfect was
never high on the list - despite its XML friendliness - because we
decided early on that it would be impossible to change the authors' and
editors' practice of working in MS Word, and that translating from Word
to WordPerfect would never be robust enough. The advantage of our
current approach is that we can simplify as we translate - no need for a
perfect translation.
Doesn't mean there couldn't be a good solution that would involve

>>> elmer at teknoids.net 4/12/2006 7:03:56 PM >>>

Just out of curiousity, did you look at Wordperfect as a tool for
moving from Word to DocBook?  WP includes a non-lethal XML editing setup
that understands DocBook.

Elmer Masters
Web Guy, teknoids.net
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