[teknoids] UNM laptop requirement program passes!

Elmer Masters emasters at cali.org
Wed Apr 12 10:56:03 EDT 2006

Jason is right on this.  It _is_ possible to buy a laptop that will not 
serve the needs of the student.  Remember that more and more students 
are listening to podcasts, watching video, running CALI Lessons as well 
as recording classes on their laptops, and using the latest generations 
of applications.  All this requires a bit of horsepower.  Also ebooks 
for the law school world are looming on the horizon.  While I haven't 
looked a laptops in a while, I'd think that a mid-range processor, lots 
of RAM, 40-80 gig hard drive, and DVD/CD-RW combo would be a good choice.

Bradley, Jason wrote:
> This supposes that you're not using current technology (Office 
> 2003/2007, Sharepoint, Groove, LiveMeeting/GoToMeeting, and such). You 
> have to be careful not to take the cheap route at the cost of lowering 
> value to the students in their use of today's real-world tools.
> -Jason

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