[teknoids] UNM laptop requirement program passes!

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We have a laptop requirement as well.  If you look around you can find brand
new entry level machines in the $500 range which would do everything the
average student needs.  The biggest challenge is the support end.  There is
an ongoing debate about support of Macs - I would suggest not permitting
them at first (and I am a Mac lover!) because of the support piece.  I don't
think you need to spec out the processor - I would focus on Operating System
/ Minimum amount of memory and a wireless card if your school has a wireless


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I am amazed but on Tuesday, the full faculty voted a laptop requirement
program beginning fall 2006. We will do a minimum spec requirement rather
than a specific brand.

My challenge is to come up with minimum specs that will suit their needs
while keeping the cost as low as possible. Our students are not permitted to
work the first year and it is a financial hardship for many of them. I
talked to the wife of one incoming student last week; she made it "real" for
me how hard it is to support a family when the primary breadwinner can't
work. The thought of buying even a thousand dollar laptop made her very

So...I've looked at many of your specifications but now need to get
something out to our accepted applicants quickly. Our medical school is
recommending the Intel Core Duo processor. I am inclined to go with a
Pentium M at a minimum of 1GHz. Our students do word processing, Internet
research, email, and an occasional PowerPoint presentation. What does the
collective voice of Teknoids say? 


Cyndi Dean 
Assistant Dean for Information Technology 
UNM School of Law 
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