[teknoids] Weird network printing problem

Scott Clausnitzer sclausnitzer at johnmarshall.edu
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I'm sure you've checked most of these, but just in case...

Other things to check would be the Windows Firewall and/or any other third
party firewall / security software.

Many of the newer anti-virus programs also include some personal firewall
features that can inhibit IPP printing.

Also try doing a TRACERT from both the desktop and the laptop PCs. Make sure
that the routes being traveled are the same for both.

Make sure the DNS servers are the same, and the default gateway addresses.

What about proxy servers? 

Do you have the laptops configured to use anything different than the
desktop PC?

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We have a new-ish color laser printer sitting on our network.  All the 
computers and other devices in the office have private 192. IPs. The 
printer also has a private, static IP.

The desktop computer in the office (static private IP) can ping and 
print to the printer just fine.  But two laptops in the office cannot 
even ping it.  I thought it might be because the laptops have 
dynamically assigned addresses, but I've since made mine static, and it 
still won't work.

My laptop can see every other device on the network, just not this one.

Any ideas about what I might be missing?



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