[teknoids] More Mycroft stuff from the LII

Thomas R. Bruce trb2 at cornell.edu
Mon Apr 3 14:47:37 EDT 2006


We've expanded our range of search plugins for Firefox/Mozilla browsers 
(and other things that use the Apple Sherlock standard).  You can now 
get plugins to search the entire LII site, the full US Code, the 
Annotated Constitution of the US, the recent cases of the Circuit 
Courts,  and our WEX legal-encyclopedia project.  Less fun than Froogle, 
I guess, but cool nevertheless.

Goodies at: http://www.law.cornell.edu/mycroft

If someone would cross-post this to LawLib, I'd be grateful.


Thomas R. Bruce (trb2 at cornell.edu)
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 going to be good for the world. That has never 
 been a principle in law."
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